#Reactivate #growth the leiv motive of the “IV Inspiring W leaders in the digital Era”, which will be held from 7-10th September

We will address how disruptive technologies such as blockchain, AI, Deep Learning, AR, VR, Nanotech, robotics, etc. are helping to activate the economy, changing business models, accelerating the emergence of a new economy.

Also the changes from the board and how strategic decisions are taken and the recruitment of new talent to face the challenges of this moment of double disruption: the pandemic as an accelerator of the digital transformation of companies. The new skills and professions emerging.

We will publicize emerging ecosystems and female-led startups and bridges with tips. We will share best practices from all over the world with an international presence at our tables from Australia to Silicon Valley, passing through South Africa, UK, France, Germany …

We will give 4 entrepreneurship awards with scholarships from Harvard and Singularity University … and our super trophy by 4Lines and our entrepreneur Niobe.

We are very looking forward to learning from each other and give visibility to the projects of women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs,


See you soon!!If you would like to keep in touch before the event takes place follow us!


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